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1.Room Rates

The rate of standard rooms, suites and bungalows involves the accommodation of 2 persons.

Extra persons can be added, in standard rooms, suites and bungalows, according to special agreement.

Children from 2 to 6 years old are entitled to free accommodation.

Children from 7 to 12 years old receive special prices.

A standard charge of 5,00 euros per peron per day is added to the price of rooms that have view to the sea.

2.Reservation Guarantee

Reservations are guaranteed through a down payment, of 25% of the total value of your stay, which cannot be lower than one day’s rent. If the agreed time interval for the deposit of the down payment passes, then your reservation will no longer be valid and the rooms in question will be treated as available.

In case you don’t wish to make an online reservation, you may contact us by phone and secure your reservation through the deposit of a down payment to the company’s bank account.


In case your reservation is guaranteed through a down payment, the balance of the remaining amount of your bill will be paid at the end of your stay. If the length of your stay is longer than one week, the hotel reserves the right to ask for the weekly payment, at the end of each week.

4.Cancellation Policy (if not otherwise specified during the booking and agreement procedure)

Cancellations announced to CAP D’ OR 21 days prior to arrival, receive complete refund.

Cancellations occurring less than 21 days prior to arrival, are charged with a compensation fee equal to the 50% of the agreed rent (for the number of days cancelled).

5.Partial Cancellation- Compensation Fee

Our rates depend on the length of your stay and the season of your reservation. At your arrival, we confirm the agreed departure date. In case you decide to leave earlier, the room rate is subject to change, if not otherwise specified. Furthermore, you are charged with a compensation fee equal to the 50% of the agreed day’s rent for the number of days cancelled.

6.No-show Compensation Fee

If your reservation is guaranteed and you don’t arrive at the date agreed, the room(s) remains at your disposal until the day following your specified arrival date and the departure hour set by the hotel. In case of no-show, you are charged with a compensation fee equal to the 50% of the agreed day’s rent, for the number of the remaining days (after the balance of the down payment paid in time of booking). Exceptions to the above constitute cases of proven emergency or unforeseen circumstances.

7.Check-In Time

Check-in time begins at 14:30.

The arrival day is charged regardless of the arrival time.

8.Check-Out Time

Check-Out time is at 12:00.

Until that time no rent is required. After 12:00 and until 18:00, 50% of the day’s rent is charged, whereas after 18:00 the total day’s rent is charged.

9.Reservation Modification or Cancellation from the Hotel

In cases that reservations appear to have resulted from or include mistakes, as well as when the guest(s) has engaged in inappropriate or fraudulent activities, the hotel reserves the right to modify or even cancel reservations.


Guests are responsible for any damage made in and to the hotel by themselves, their guests, their staff or any other person for whom they are responsible for (damages made to property, furniture, objects, etc).

11.Liability on losses

The hotel cannot be held liable for the loss or damage of any object brought in the hotel by the guests, their party or staff.

12.Inability of Service Delivery

In the event that the hotel is unable to accommodate guests during the agreed dates due to mechanical, electronical or human error, or due to unforeseen circumstances, the hotel will make efforts to accommodate guests, for the specified dates, at a comparable hotel in the area and will provide transportation to that hotel. If the above cannot be ensured, the hotel compensates guests with the refund of the agreed value of stay.

13.Information on your rights and obligations as hotel guests in Greece

Hotel guests in Greece are covered by a number of laws and decrees. You can obtain detailed information from the Greek National Tourism Organization ( or the Greek Embassy in your country of origin.

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